Since 1975, our volunteer board has been the strategic heart of our organization, ensuring that in our work we deliver real results, respond to changes in our community and always deliver the highest ethical standards to be worthy of our public support.

Lower Similkameen Community Services Society encourages community members from Keremeos and RDOS Areas B & G to become members of the Society and to consider serving as a Director on our Board.

The Society seeks community members with experience in leadership, strategic thinking, financial forecasting, organization behaviour, project management or policy advocacy to become involved, meet people, stay connected and support client-focused empowering programs and services that support our community’s wellness and growth.

At the Society’s AGM on July 15, 2020 the Society’s Membership passed a special resolution to increase the number of Directors from 7 to 9. It is our hope that by increasing the number of Directors, we will ensure a diverse Board with a broad spectrum of skills and interests.

For the 2020-21 Fiscal Year, we are pleased to acknowledge the terms of:

Chair: Brian Mennell

Vice-Chair: Bob Proctor

Secretary: Farida Lubbers

Treasurer: Sharyn Pollitt

Director: Albert McCormick

Director: Bob Bergen

Director: Shelly Clark

Director: Tom Robins

Director: Walter Despot